Giving Forward Podcast: ‘Partner in Crisis’ with Sherry Magill

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Sherry Magill has been a mentor to me and a partner in crisis for more than two decades. 

She led the Jessie Ball duPont Fund as President during much of my time here at The Community Foundation. She had the incredible vision to rescue and renovate the state-of-the-art building where we recorded this podcast series — the Jessie Ball duPont Center. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear about why we never go it alone, and other topics, including: 

  • How Sherry first came to the duPont Fund, and our first collaboration together on improving the quality of services for child- and youth-serving organizations
  • Why private philanthropy must support the nonprofit sector, and how we worked as partners to protect the mission of the Kids Hope Alliance
  • How we proactively organized a disaster response fund after we saw what happened during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando
  • Why humility is one of the most important traits for working in philanthropy

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