Open an Endowment

Nonprofit Organization Endowments: A Steady Source of Funding

Wise leaders look toward the future, and an endowment at The Community Foundation can be an excellent way to provide stable income, year-in and year-out. Your nonprofit’s board decides how much to invest, and we take care of the rest: managing the invested assets, handling recordkeeping, and making sure you get an annual check from the growth of your investments over time. More than fifty local nonprofit organizations have chosen to have The Community Foundation as the home for their endowments.

The North Florida School of Special Education

The North Florida School of Special Education established an organizational endowment at The Community Foundation in 2021. J. Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver made the lead gift of $2 million to launch the endowment.

“It will make an impact for generations.”

– Sally Hazelip, Head of School, North Florida School of Special Education

Set Up Lasting Support With A Permanent Endowment at The Community Foundation

Would you like to receive an annual distribution of funds to help amplify your work, support your operations, or put toward a long-term goal like facility additions or research? By creating a permanent endowment at The Community Foundation that grows with invested assets, you ensure that your organization receives a portion of that growth for whatever purpose you choose.

Setting up a permanent endowment at The Community Foundation is easy. Your organization’s leadership decides how much to invest. Your assets are pooled with other funds at The Community Foundation to maximize returns, achieve greater efficiency and improve access to markets—and all endowed assets are professionally managed specifically for a long term horizon. We handle all the administrative details and recordkeeping, and provide you with regular reporting, and of course, a yearly disbursement. We will even work with your donors to structure additional gifts to your endowment so it grows more quickly.

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