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School children

Advancing the Causes You Care About Most

At The Community Foundation, we leverage broad and deep experience and expertise to connect like-minded donors and nonprofits to accomplish meaningful change. Dedicating gifts to a full spectrum of focus areas, we help donors to build a lasting legacy and impact in Northeast Florida.

Improving the Lives of Others

Whether your inspiration is a person, an organization, an idea or an issue, you can fund your passion here. We are your partner in making a powerful difference in the community—now and for generations to come. We invite you to learn more about our work in focus areas including aging adults, the arts, education, food insecurity and building nonprofit capacity.

senior to senior fund

Senior to Senior Fund

Established by Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver, the Senior to Senior Fund gives seniors a financial lifeline in times of short-term financial crisis. Beyond its impact for individual seniors, the Weavers’ gift set in motion events that have resulted in a better community infrastructure for all seniors, and an endowed fund which will continue in perpetuity.

ulysses owens

Art Ventures Fund

Since 1990, Art Ventures has made more than 225 grants to individual artists and more than 125 grants to small arts organizations. The Individual Artist Grants are designed to help Northeast Florida artists reach the next level of their artistic careers with a maximum grant of $3,500.

Putnam academy of arts and sciences

Putnam County

Upon his death in 2010, Frank V. Oliver Jr., a longtime Palatka businessman and quiet philanthropist, established a number of charitable giving vehicles including designated endowments for several beloved organizations. His vision also created a more flexible field of interest fund for Putnam County, so that other deserving programs identified in the future might benefit.

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Kathleen Shaw, M.Ed.

Senior Vice President, Program & Initiatives