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Since our founding in 1964, we have had the privilege of working alongside countless individuals and organizations that are making Northeast Florida a better place to live. Recognizing the power of ideas and endeavors both big and small, we are continually humbled and thankful for our nonprofit partners and our entire community. These are just a handful of the inspiring stories that we continue to write together every day.

The Empowered Kitchen Launch Kit

The Empowered Kitchen provides mentorship and training to determined women who transform culinary skills into a business of their own. The nonprofit’s Launch Kit—a backpack with a set of knives, an iPad with financial software, a Square credit card reader and customized printed items—is icing on the cake! Funded by the Community Foundation, the backpacks help entrepreneurs to get up and running quickly to accelerate their dreams.

Flight to Freedom at Fort Mose

History comes alive at Fort Mose in St. Augustine, as visitors travel the Flight to Freedom, guided by interactive educational signs funded by The Community Foundation and Florida Power and Light. Through this partnership, visitors can live history year-round, gaining a better understanding of Fort Mose’s significance in our community, and life for hundreds of slaves who traveled the southern route of the Underground Railroad to Fort Mose.

Mental Health Support at JAXPAL

With help from The Community Foundation, local children in grades K-8 find comfort in a familiar face while attending JaxPAL, an afterschool program run by the Police Athletic League of Jacksonville near many of our poorest and highest crime neighborhoods. The addition of a mental health counselor offers a welcoming room and open door policy to help youth cope with serious challenges at home and at school.

The Way Free Clinic ClayPASS

Medical care coordination for low-income residents had never been attempted in Clay County, but The Way Free Medical Clinic paved the way with ClayPASS. With grant funding, the initiative provides a direct connection to prioritize and coordinate appropriate care, in order to actively divert unnecessary and costly hospital utilization.

Inspiring Others with Art Ventures

Architect and sculptor David Engdahl has generously contributed his artistic vision to numerous community endeavors for decades. Recognizing the distinction his work brings to our community, The Community Foundation awarded him the prestigious Ann McDonald Baker Art Ventures Award, which includes a $10,000 grant.

EPIC Outreach

EPIC Outreach is nurturing a more compassionate community in Northeast Florida by connecting people to rescue animals. With support from The Community Foundation, the nonprofit is inspiring compassion and kindness to one another by giving rescued farm and other animals a second chance at life and love, while teaching people about animals through direct interaction and humane education.

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