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Nonprofit Capacity

Multiplying Impact Across All Causes

Northeast Florida is home to more than 8,500 nonprofits, all working to improve our local community, economy and quality of life. As versatile and inventive as these 501(c)3 organizations are—generating $12.9 billion and employing more than 58,000 people—they often lack resources to invest in planning, training and governance. Efforts to build the capacity of area nonprofits have resulted in stronger organizations, more opportunities for funding and greater community impact.
The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is a member-driven organization that creates powerful solutions to strengthen our nonprofit community.

Extraordinary Results, Amplified

The Community Foundation has worked hand in hand with area nonprofits for more than 55 years, bringing together essential research, partners and funding to give nonprofits what they need to thrive. From arts to education, veterans, healthcare, housing and beyond, we invest in capacity-building initiatives and programs to support individual nonprofits and the sector as a whole.

Investing in Bold Dreams & A Thriving Sector

Nearly all agencies face challenges in fulfilling their missions. By strengthening nonprofits and the sector overall, we assist people in need and help our donors to achieve a greater impact with their investments.

Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector

Together with area funders, The Community Foundation helped establish the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida in 2002 to connect, strengthen and advocate for a strong nonprofit community. Since then, we have provided ongoing general operating support, and helped to fund programs and new initiatives.

Increased Capacity Across Major Fields

Nonprofits across Northeast Florida are working together to solve complex challenges, pooling their resources and expertise to achieve a greater impact. Investing in capacity for Jax Care Connect, 904WARD and other collective efforts achieves far-reaching results while creating room for efforts to grow.

Capacity Grants to Local Nonprofits

Grants to many different types of organizations meet specific needs such as strategic planning, data collection, training for a nonprofit’s board and staff and succession planning. These investments help organizations to achieve their missions, promote continuous improvement and increase overall effectiveness.

“The Beaches Museum has benefited greatly from the Community Foundation’s capacity building grants, through two grants for strategic planning. As a small organization, these grants have allowed us to move the needle for our organization in a measurable and impactful way. We are better at what we do and how we do it.”

– Christine Hoffman, Director of the Beaches Museum

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Visit the Nonprofit Center at nonprofitctr.org to learn more about the sector and nonprofit resources, or apply for a capacity building grant.