About Our Grantmaking

Supporting Nonprofits in Northeast Florida

Strengthening nonprofits through grantmaking and other services is critical to our mission of building a better community. In partnership with our donors, we have distributed more than $640 million in grants across a broad range of programs since our founding in 1964. It’s important to understand that a majority of grantmaking that goes through The Community Foundation is recommended by individual donors and is not open for applications.


However, The Community Foundation does have discretionary grantmaking authority to manage a number of competitive grant programs to which 501c3 nonprofit organizations may apply. These include our more general grants made to build the capacity of an organization or to launch or expand their programs. They also include grantmaking for numerous funding initiatives and collective giving efforts for which there are particular grantmaking parameters.

A person gives a tour in front of houses in the Eastside of Jacksonville.

Competitive Grantmaking – Apply for a Grant

The Community Foundation conducts competitive, local grantmaking from our discretionary funds and on behalf of certain donors who have directed our Program Staff to oversee the process. Click on Apply for a Grant below for eligibility and grant specifics.

Grants from Donor Advised Funds

Each year, tens of millions of dollars are granted through The Community Foundation. Most of those grants are specifically recommended by generous donors through their Donor Advised Funds, according to their particular charitable interests. The majority of our donors research and determine their own areas of giving. If a donor requests staff to conduct additional research, we will take the opportunity to draw upon extensive internal resources and also reach out to learn more about current initiatives and endeavors. Please note: Donor advised funds do not accept applications.

Delores Barr Weaver created a Habijax Tiny House Fund to build and furnish an affordable housing rental community of 50 Tiny Homes in Jacksonville. Seen here with Mary Kay O’Rourke, former Habijax CEO.

Other ways we support nonprofit organizations

Questions? See our FAQ page for nonprofits, or contact our Program Team at (904) 356-4483 or

Organizational Endowments

More than fifty local nonprofit organizations in Northeast Florida have established permanent endowments for their agencies at The Community Foundation. The nonprofit organization benefits from an annual grant but is relieved of the management and record-keeping burdens of an endowment fund. We can set one up on behalf of the agency itself, or we can create a designated endowment on behalf of a donor to directly support an organization.

Planned Giving

If a nonprofit organization is approached by a donor regarding a bequest or estate opportunity, The Community Foundation stands ready to assist the organization in receiving assets. We are equipped to handle a wide range of assets and have a number of structured options from which to choose. To discuss an Organizational Endowment or to learn more about Planned Giving opportunities, please contact The Community Foundation for more information.

Scholarships and Awards

Generous donors have established numerous scholarship funds at The Community Foundation, each with specific eligibility requirements, to help current and future students pursue education, professional development or other educational enrichment opportunities. Applications for scholarships are accepted from January to March each year.

Here to Help

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