Giving Forward Podcast: ‘Spreading Joy’ with Nancy and Gary Chartrand

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Nancy and Gary Chartrand are well-known names in our community. Their philanthropy has made a positive impact on many important nonprofits in our area. But not everyone knows their whole story.

In Episode 8 of our podcast series, which looks back on our work as we approach our 60th anniversary next year, I sit down with Nancy and Gary to talk about what inspires them to give back through The Community Foundation.

I hope you’ll tune in to hear:

  • How Nancy and Gary first came to Northeast Florida through Gary’s career at Acosta
  • Why their family has focused on K-12 education, early childhood education and social and emotional health in their philanthropy
  • How they’re engaging their children and grandchildren in learning the joy of giving

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

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