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  March 2022
Living Into Our Civic Leadership Role
Our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan calls for us to build on our tradition of Civic Leadership, and we are delighted to add Wanda Willis to our executive team to help us further that goal. As our new Vice President, Civic Leadership, Wanda will lead key strategic initiatives in which The Community Foundation has an investment. Our board and staff are excited that with her extensive background in local community leadership, Wanda will immediately be able to amplify our current work and help us identify prospective civic leadership opportunities when she joins our staff next month. Read more here.
Happy 20th Anniversary, WGA!
It's hard to imagine our community without the Women's Giving Alliance! In the twenty years since it was founded as an initiative of The Community Foundation, hundreds of women have contributed their time, talent and treasure to help women and girls. This week, WGA will be celebrating the long list of accomplishments, including $7.7 million in grants and a substantial, $5 million endowment.

You can join WGA's 'Stronger Together' celebration Thursday, March 24 at 5 p.m. at Rethreaded's Delores Barr Weaver Campus of Hope, 515 E. 9th Street
Register Here.
Weaver Philanthropic Initiative: Class of 2022
Our latest group of emerging philanthropists is already deeply into their learning journey. These thirteen class members are just the latest cohort of thoughtful, generous individuals whose passion to improve their community has inspired them to become strategic philanthropists. Learn more about them and the Weaver Philanthropic Initiative here.
Help for Ukraine
We know many of you are gravely concerned about the humanitarian and economic crisis created by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. If you would like to help, here are some resources where you can direct your giving.

The local chapters of the United Way of Northeast Florida and the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Jacksonville both have donation pages on their website tied to their organizations' global efforts.

In addition, there are other international relief agencies working to alleviate the suffering that is occurring each day. They include:
As always, The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is an excellent resource for information and connections to those organizations doing this work. And another good resources is Benevity's list of US-based crisis relief funds actively working to end the suffering in Ukraine.
Making Reading a Priority
We regularly convene private and family foundation leaders and corporate donors, as well as TCF fundholders, to learn about pressing issues and opportunities in the community. Last month, our Donors Forum of Northeast Florida got a sneak peek at The Campaign for Grade Level Reading – a new push to improve the reading scores of Duval County's students. The local initiative is being led by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the Kids Hope Alliance in partnership with Duval County Schools. Be sure to check out their information and resources here.
Despite Its Challenges, 2021 was a Good Year
Your Community Foundation grew in 2021, thanks to the generosity of our many fundholders and the support of the community. In partnership with our fundholders, we were able to make $42 million in grants in 2021—with nearly 80% of those grants staying right here in Northeast Florida. Significantly, ¾'s of the funds established at The Community Foundation are endowed—meaning they will continue to support our community in perpetuity!
In order from Left to Right:
  • Kathleen Shaw, VP, Programs was a featured panelist for "Changing Mindsets, Changing Practice—How Can Funders Listen Better?" at the Feedback+Jacksonville Plenary earlier this month.
  • Janet Allen, Program Officer was awarded a fellowship to attend the Feedback+Jacksonville conference and participate in the year-long program.
  • Joanne Cohen, VP, Philanthropic Services was a guest on the podcast 'EmergentCF' talking about her favorite subject: asking the right questions to learn what's really important to others.
  • Tom Caron, Development Director joined radio personality Colbi King on North Florida Neighborhood to discuss TCF scholarship opportunities.
  • Susan Datz Edelman, VP, Strategic Communications accepted a Gold Addy award from American Advertising Federation/Jax for TCF's 2020 Annual Report to the Community.
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