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  February 2023
Letter from the President: A Visible Catalyst for Solutions
The Community Foundation's Strategic Plan calls for us to be a visible, proactive catalyst for solutions. We are working hard to do just that.

This month, we have uplifted the voice of the Foundation through two pieces in the Florida Times-Union.

Wanda Willis, our Vice President of Civic Leadership, who has been with us now almost one year, lifted up the work of the A.L. Lewis Black Opportunity & Impact Fund, which exists to advance equity and justice in economic development, education, and health care. Read more about her perspective piece below.

On another matter, I spoke out in support of greater civility and honesty in our politics, as spring campaigns for mayor and City Council have become heated. At The Community Foundation, we believe that collaboration is key to building a better community, and civility is what holds us together. You can read the full column here, and you are welcome to share it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This past weekend, a leader who exemplifies the principles of civility, Judge Brian J. Davis, was featured in a profile by Mark Woods in the Florida Times-Union. As Chair of our Board of Trustees, Judge Davis is playing a pivotal role this year as the board prepares to select a new leader for our next chapter. In this article, Mark Woods describes how it was a connection with J.J. Daniel, one of the founders of The Community Foundation, that put him on the path that led him to us. Having known the Judge for more than 30 years, I am grateful beyond measure for his example and his leadership.

In January, we also finalized our preliminary, unaudited financial results for the 2022 year-end. As with many other investors, our net assets decreased 16%, leaving our total assets at $540.1M. In a difficult financial year, the Foundation continued to strengthen our work to stimulate philanthropy to build a better community, with $56.3M in new gifts and $57.6M in grants made. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our donors and the nonprofit sector. Thank you for your commitment to building a better community.

Celebrating the Legacy of A.L. Lewis during Black History Month
In February, we take a moment to appreciate that Black history is American history. It's also true of Northeast Florida, which was the home of Florida's first Black millionaire, A.L. Lewis. The co-founder of the Afro-American life insurance company was a philanthropist, giving generously to his church, historically black colleges, and other causes. Wanda Willis, Vice President of Civic Leadership, shone a light on his legacy – and a new collective giving initiative that is keeping that legacy alive - in a guest column in the Florida Times-Union this month. Read the full column here.
Pictured (left to right): Tom Baker, Martha Baker, Ulysses Owens Jr., and Nina Waters
A Distinctive Artist Gives Back
Ulysses Owens Jr. is an internationally renowned jazz percussionist and Grammy Award winner who has come back to Northeast Florida to bring music and the arts to young people through his organization, Don't Miss A Beat. Ulysses was honored as the 2022 Ann McDonald Baker Art Ventures Award, and we recently celebrated his achievements at the annual dinner of trustees of The Community Foundation with Martha and Tom Baker, Ann's son and daughter-in-law. Learn more in a new video celebrating Ulysses.
Well-Deserved Recognition for Nonprofits We Support
Congratulations to two nonprofits we support for recent well-deserved recognitions.

• Dr. Kimberly Allen, CEO of 904WARD, was recently recognized as the recipient the Jacksonville Jaguars inaugural Duval Diversity Playmaker Award, which honors individuals making a difference in advancing social justice in our community. 904WARD works to create racial healing and equity through deep conversations and learning, trusting relationships, and collective action, and we were proud to support their expansion in 2020. Dr. Allen was celebrated on the field at a Jaguars game along with her husband and three children. Congratulations to Dr. Allen and the entire team at 904Ward for this recognition!

• Pie in the Sky, which delivers food to hungry low-income seniors in St. Johns County, was featured on the front page of the Metro section of the Florida Times-Union this month in a news story about their work to provide eggs to seniors as prices have skyrocketed. We are proud to have supported the work of Pie in the Sky since 2014, through a number of discretionary grants and by facilitating the support of Delores Barr Weaver. The organization is currently working on a matching challenge thanks to the Delores Barr Weaver Legacy Fund.

Pictured (left to right): Linda Levin, CEO of ElderSource; Glenn Miller, LGBTQ Fund Chair; and Paul Sapia, Humana
A Proud Moment for the LGBTQ Fund
The LGBTQ Community Fund for Northeast Florida was recognized with the 2022 Delores Barr Weaver Elder Advocate Award for its longstanding support of ElderSource. The aging LGBTQ community is a group that is often overlooked, and their needs are underestimated in our community. Our fund is proud to partner with ElderSource, which works to ensure that older adults in the LGBTQ community receive essential resources and support. Watch a video with Glenn Miller to learn more about the award.
Spread the Word: Grant and Scholarship Opportunities Open Now
We're pleased to share an update about scholarship and grant opportunities that are open now or opening soon.
  • College Scholarships are open now, including the inaugural Talen Charles Birt Memorial Fund scholarship. Applications for all scholarships are due on March 15, 2023, and more details are available here.
  • Program Support grants support the work of nonprofit organizations in a variety of fields, with funding up to $25,000. Applications open April 3, 2023.
  • Capacity Building grants help organizations better achieve their missions, promote continuous improvement and increase effectiveness, with funding up to $10,000. Applications open April 3, 2023.
  • Individual Artist grants are designed to help Northeast Florida artists emerge to the next level of their artistic careers. Applications open on May 1, 2023.
  • LGBTQ Community Fund grants help nonprofit organizations in Northeast Florida serving our LGBTQ communities. Applications open on May 1, 2023.
Our grant applications are open on a slightly different timeline this year, so we appreciate your help spreading the word to any nonprofits you know that may be interested in these grant opportunities.
A New Adventure Begins
We recently wished Susan Datz Edelman "Happy Trails" at a special retirement celebration with the team and Susan's family. Susan served close to 10 years as Vice President of Strategic Communications at the Foundation, working tirelessly to ensure The Community Foundation is no longer Northeast Florida's best kept secret. We couldn't be more grateful for her outstanding service to our mission, stimulating philanthropy to build a better community.
Susan Datz Edelman with her parents, Bernie and Marilyn Datz (pictured left), and husband (pictured right), Matthew Edelman, at her retirement celebration.
Congratulations, Grace & Stephanie
• Grace Sacerdote (pictured left), Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, was recently elected as the incoming Chair of the Board of Directors of the Florida Philanthropic Network, starting in 2024. This is a prominent role in philanthropic leadership, and it will present excellent opportunities to advance the work of foundations in Tallahassee and beyond.

• Stephanie Garry Garfunkel (pictured right), Vice President of Strategic Communications, was named as one of the Jacksonville Business Journal's 40 under 40 this month.
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