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Agency Convening Event Helps WGA Learn
A highlight of the summer was the annual Agency Convening event. As in past years, WGA leadership invited grantees to meet to advise WGA on future grant needs. Agency executives were asked, "What is keeping you awake at night, what do you need to move forward, and what can WGA do to help?"

Incoming WGA President Sheila Collier opened the session by saying, "Assembled in this room today is the largest group of grantees in WGA history, and the finest array of intellectual capital supporting women and girls in Northeast Florida."

She further noted:
  • In its 21 year grant making history, WGA has awarded 171 grants to 71 non-profits for more than $8.3 million.
  • At this year's Convening Session, 37 attendees represented a total of 116 grants, and slightly more than $6 million in awards.
As in past years, both WGA and grantees spent time talking about what is working, what needs work, and how WGA can help. For example:
  • At the third Convening Session during the Mental Health initiative, grantees told WGA that the pilot programs launched in the first two grant years of the initiative were working, but there was a need for more trained professionals to carry out the programs. In response, a large proportion of grants funded in Year Four were for training, or train the trainers. We believe the ripple effects of this training was one of the reasons nearly 9,000 women and girls were able to access to mental health during this 5-year initiative.
  • At the 2018 Convening Session, grantees suggested WGA shift its grant cycle to July 1 (rather than December 1) to more closely align with many of their fiscal years. In 2019, grant funding began on July 1, cutting five months off the grant making process.
  • In 2021, WGA asked all current and recently announced grantees, "What is keeping you awake at night? And what do you need to move forward?" The candid, honest input from grantees served as the basis for the 2022 grant initiative: Core Mission Funding to Non-Profits for Pandemic Related Challenges.
Thanks to all the grantee CEO's/ED's who participated in this summer's Agency Convening. We are privileged to partner with you!
Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month
Black Philanthropy Month is an annual global celebration of African-descent giving that aims to strengthen African-American and African-descent giving in all its forms.

In addition, the City of Jacksonville officially proclaimed August as Black Philanthropy Month!

Learn more about Black Philanthropy's rich history in Northeast Florida and read the City of Jacksonville's full proclamation on The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida's Black Philanthropy page.
Thank You, Joanne!
WGA would like to recognize and honor the many contributions of Joanne Cohen (pictured above at the Downtown Connector event) who recently left The Community Foundation to begin another adventure as Senior Director for 21/64, an independent nonprofit providing multigenerational advising, facilitation and training for next generation engagement. Their gain is most certainly our loss!

As the VP for Philanthropic Services for The Community Foundation for more than a decade, Joanne was directly and deeply engaged with WGA's journey. She is responsible in many ways for WGA's growth and success - nourishing our collective giving circle through changes of all kinds, always with a smile, sense of humor and a sense of what is right…helping all of us learn and grow in our philanthropy along the way.

We will miss Joanne's strong and compassionate leadership every day. We congratulate her and wish her every happiness and success. Fortunately for all of us, she is remaining in Jacksonville!
How a "Strategic Philanthropy" Session Inspired a New Member
(The following message was received by Joanne Cohen after her "Strategic Philanthropy" workshop.)


Your presentation today was fantastic! I have considered membership for a few years, but it was hard for me to rationalize the need for membership in addition to all of our household's other philanthropic efforts. Today you helped me clearly identify that local Civic Engagement is an area our household has not put forth enough effort, and you helped me better understand the role WGA has in leveraging information, social connections, and overall strategies.

My conversation with Sheila Collier, after your presentation, was helpful in gathering the final details necessary to join.

I am looking forward to participating in WGA's mission as a new member!

Hillary L. Berger, MSW

Know someone interested in joining WGA? Share this story and link to the Membership Page!
These WGA members will assume their leadership roles on November 1, 2022
The Evaluation Team Wants YOU!
Are you looking for a way to get more involved with WGA, but only have a few hours to volunteer? The Evaluation Team is the perfect option for you. This volunteer commitment includes a 1.5 hour training session, a 2 hour agency visit (which is the BEST part!) and an additional 1.5 hour of compiling your report WITH your evaluation team. Another bonus is that you'll be paired with 1-2 other WGA members, so you will meet other WGA members as well. In roughly 5 hours each year, you will see how the WGA grants dollars are being used and get an insider's glimpse at how our local non-profits are making a difference. If you are interested and/or want more information about the Evaluation Team, please contact ET Co-Chairs Irene Phelps at or Kirsten Martino at
Decision Team Encourages Interested WGA Members to Join!

Have you wondered how WGA allocates grant $$$? Join the Decision Team to find out! You will also build new friendships and discover how local non-profits apply creative solutions to improve the lives of women and girls in our community.

Training is provided for both Virtual Reader Team (read electronically and provide feedback) and Core Team (read applications, lively, in-person discussions). The required time commitment varies, but the busiest months are January through May.

Explore how you fit into the WGA mission by contacting Elizabeth Bernardo and Stacy Derr at NOW for more information.

Upcoming WGA Events
Education Event: Breaking Down Barriers to Advocacy
Breaking Down Barriers to Advocacy
SEPT 29 | 5:00 - 7:00 PM
LOCATION: The River Club
Please join us for a panel discussion about ways each of us can be advocates for causes we believe in.
WGA Annual Meeting
WGA Annual Meeting
OCT 20 | 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
LOCATION: UNF University Center
12000 Alumni Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32224
All WGA members and guests are welcome.
Cost: $45 (before October 6th)
WGA Recognized in R.E.S.T.O.R.E Newsletter
R.E.S.T.O.R.E, one of WGA's 2022 Grantees, recognized WGA in their August 5th email newsletter for the recent $50,000 grant. This funding will provide additional staffing hours and a program evaluation consultant.

"We are incredibly grateful to have the transformative support of the Women's Giving Alliance so we can continue to uplift, enlighten, and advance our community." - R.E.S.T.O.R.E
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