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Jim Winston
Jim Winston and his late wife, Mary, have been generous citizens of Jacksonville for decades. Although they have a private family foundation, their involvement with The Community Foundation led them to establish the Burgman Winston Youth Orchestra Scholarship Fund which supports the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra. They also endowed the Winston Family YMCA Campership through The Community Foundation.

You have a wide variety of giving opportunities through The Community Foundation. We can help you choose the one that’s just right for you. Call us and let us help you get started!

Donor Advised Fund

You can support one or more of the non-profit, school or religious organizations of your choice through a Donor Advised Fund. It’s easy to create and allows you to remain actively involved in recommending grants. Minimum to establish: $10,000 for a non-endowed fund; $50,000 for an endowed fund.

Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund brings you right to the heart of an issue that moves you. By establishing a Field of Interest Fund, you can focus your giving on a specific area of concern and put the income from your Fund toward that endeavor forever. Minimum to establish: $50,000.

Discretionary Unrestricted Fund

Are you eager to support the bold ideas of community leaders when it comes to improving Northeast Florida? Some of the most important work being done in our communities is being funded by visionary donors who entrusted their funds to The Community Foundation based on its long history of thoughtful stewardship. Consider an unrestricted gift to The Community Foundation, and imagine how it might change the future for us all. Minimum to establish: $50,000.

Designated Agency Endowment Fund

Do you want to ensure that the organization about which you care the most receives charitable contributions from you forever? Establish a permanent Designated Agency Endowment Fund. Your gift becomes an endowed fund of The Community Foundation, which will support your organization for as long as it exists. Minimum to establish: $50,000.

Scholarship/Award Fund

Your establishment of a Scholarship or Award endowed fund could transform the life of future students. Honor a loved one, memorialize a gifted educator or mentor, or create a special incentive to inspire great effort. A Scholarship or Award Fund means that a promising student can pursue his/her dreams with your financial assistance. Minimum to establish: $50,000.

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