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Talona Mae and Fred William Melber

An orphan, Fred Melber was raised in a Boys’ Home operated by St. John’s Cathedral on the property of what is now Episcopal High School. He and his wife, Talona Mae, established the Talona Mae and Fred William Melber Scholarship Fund through The Community Foundation to benefit Episcopal High School students with financial and/or life-circumstance need, most particularly children who may be orphans, foster children or from financially-challenged families. The Melbers created and endowed the fund during their lifetime, and left a legacy gift to further enhance their gift.

Your establishment of a Scholarship or Award endowed fund could transform the life of future students. Honor a loved one, memorialize a gifted educator or mentor, or create a special incentive to inspire great effort. A Scholarship or Award Fund means that a promising student can pursue his/her dreams with your financial assistance. Minimum to establish: $50,000

In creating a Scholarship or Award Fund, you provide resources to help current and future students, from pre-school to post-graduate, or employees or other valued individuals. Scholarship or Award Funds can support undergraduate and graduate education, professional development and other educational enrichment opportunities. The Foundation staff helps you develop the criteria that will govern the awards and can play a variety of roles in reviewing and evaluating applications.

  • All Scholarship and Award funds at The Community Foundation are endowed; they are permanent and irrevocable.
  • The principal is invested and preserved, and a portion of the earnings (interest, dividends and gains) may be distributed annually for scholarships and/or awards.
  • Receive an immediate tax deduction whenever you add assets, and pay no tax on the fund’s future earnings
  • Funds are professionally managed and invested as part of the Foundation’s endowment pool.
  • You or your designees may participate in recipient selection
  • All accounting and administration is handled by the Foundation.

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