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Are you eager to support the bold ideas of community leaders when it comes to improving Northeast Florida? Some of the most important work being done in our communities is being funded by visionary donors who entrusted their funds to The Community Foundation based on its long history of thoughtful stewardship. Consider an unrestricted gift to The Foundation, and imagine how it might change the future for us all. Minimum to establish: $50,000.

The Community Foundation has nearly 50 years of experience as a trusted partner of some of the most generous citizens in Northeast Florida. When you establish an Unrestricted Discretionary Fund, you demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to the community’s future, and you entrust The Community Foundation’s leadership as your agent in moving our community forward in perpetuity. An Unrestricted Discretionary Fund is a cornerstone of civic leadership, and The Community Foundation is honored to be the home of nearly two dozen unrestricted discretionary funds.

  • You join some of the most notable philanthropists in Northeast Florida as change agents for our community.
  • Your giving will be magnified by the collective power of other unrestricted gifts, allowing The Community Foundation to leverage its impact.
  • This is an endowed fund—you are creating a permanent, named charitable legacy.
  • Your fund will be invested in our Endowment Pool, minimizing fund costs and improving efficiency; the fund’s earnings will provide the grantmaking resources.
  • The Community Foundation’s staff and Board of Trustees have been at the forefront of addressing community needs through thoughtful, well-researched local initiatives.
  • All necessary administrative and record-keeping services are handled by The Community Foundation.
  • You receive an immediate tax deduction on all your contributions, and you and other community members may make additional tax-deductible contributions at any time.

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