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Harold K. "Bud" Smith
Harold K. “Bud” Smith had a passion for Theatre Jacksonville and believed passionately that the show must go on! He treasured the time he spent onstage, and wanted to share that joy with others both in front of and behind the footlights. He created the Harold K. Smith Playhouse Endowment at The Community Foundation to help fund operations at Theatre Jax in perpetuity.

Do you want to ensure that the organization about which you care the most receives charitable contributions from you forever? Establish a permanent Designated Agency Endowment Fund. Your gift becomes an endowed fund of The Community Foundation, which will support your organization for as long as it exists.

An Designated Agency Endowed Fund allows you to support your non-profit organization, school or religious institution in perpetuity. Individuals or the nonprofit itself may establish this fund.

  • This is an endowed fund—you are creating a permanent charitable legacy. It endures forever.
  • The organization receives the benefit of endowed funds, but isn’t burdened with the management and record-keeping requirements.
  • Your fund will be invested in our Endowment Pool, minimizing fund costs and improving efficiency; the fund’s earnings will provide the grantmaking resources to the designated institution.
  • The Community Foundation provides all necessary administrative and record-keeping services.
  • You receive an immediate tax deduction on all your contributions
  • You and others community members may make tax-deductible contributions to your fund at any time.
  • If the beneficiary organization ceases to exist, loses its tax-exempt status or changes its mission, The Community Foundation can redirect support for a purpose as close as possible to your original intentions.

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