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GIVE  |  CONNECT March 2021
Letter from the Chair: Spring is in the Air
It looks like this year is getting off to a great start. There are many promising things taking place and everyone seems to have a positive attitude. I continue to remind myself of one of my favorite parables: Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. I hope we can all remember that literally every human being on earth is our neighbor.

Last year forced us to rethink the way we interact and engage in philanthropy. While face to face meetings were not an option, everyone embraced the many ways technology could connect us.

Our LGBTQ Fund grantees moved forward in some very creative ways. For instance: The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida conducted the Emerging Leaders Program virtually and recently graduated some very gifted and bright individuals. They came out of this program excited to be involved in their respective companies with a new sense of "self."

The Many Sides of Pride Film Festival has a new date! June 3-6, 2021. We've been busy with the staff at MOCA planning an exciting program that you can read more about below. Don't miss it! It will be a great event with a hybrid approach to its viewing.

We are committed to supporting our LGBTQ community and will continue to identify areas that we can have an impact. Thank you to everyone for your dedication. We could not do this without each and every one of you.

My best,
Don't Miss The Many Sides of Pride Film Festival!
Plan to join us for The Many Sides of Pride Film Festival, held in conjunction with MOCA Jacksonville, to be presented June 3-6, 2021. It will feature the best in LGBTQ film over the course of four days, in both virtual and limited in-person viewing experiences. Film screenings will include new films such as "Hurley" (2019) and classics such as "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" (1974), as well as a Short Film Showcase featuring "Buck" (2020), "Happy Birthday Marsha" (2017) and "Scorpio Rising" (1963).

For more information,
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LGBTQ Funds Grants Now Open!
The LGBTQ Community fund opened its competitive grantmaking cycle on March 15, 2021. Grants, up to $25,000, are available for local area 501c3 nonprofit organizations to apply. This process begins with a short preliminary application for organizations to share their ideas. If invited forward to submit a full application, The Community Foundation staff will work with organizations to submit the necessary information for consideration. Deadline is May 1, 2021. A community panel of volunteers representing the LGBTQ community and allies will review all applications and make funding decisions.

The grantmaking focus was informed by a comprehensive community survey and analysis that revealed the most pressing needs of NEFL's LGBTQ Community and opportunities to invest to improve their quality of life. Based on this survey, the Advisory Board of the Fund identified two focus areas to offer grants.
  • Building greater togetherness within our LGBTQ community
  • Northeast Florida welcoming and celebrating its LGBTQ population
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Nonprofit Center of NEFL
LGBTQIA+ Emerging Leaders Program $17,000

This is the second year for this program, which focuses on providing outstanding nonprofit professionals with resources, knowledge and connection opportunities.
Jacksonville LGBTQ Organizational Index Up to $8,500

The LGBTQ Organizational Index program will survey companies and organizations of different industries and sizes in Jacksonville to determine their inclusivity practices. Each organization will get an individual report noting their strengths and weaknesses.

Family Acceptance and Community Support Project $35,000

This new iteration of the Family Acceptance Project will focus on community and group activities to help broaden awareness and understanding of the need for family acceptance of LGBTQ young people.

We Couldn't Do This Without You
Thank you so much for your support of the LGBTQ Community Fund – we could not do our work without your donations! As in prior years, you can contribute to the Grants pool for funds to be used for 2021 grants and/or to the LGBTQ Endowment Fund to increase the funds that will serve the LGBTQ community forever. A number of donors split their donations between the two, so that we have additional funds to help improve our community this year as well as growing the corpus of the endowment so additional funds are available in future years. Here is the link to the donation page:

Also, we encourage you to consider a legacy gift to the Fund—these planned gifts will have a lasting impact after you are gone. If you would like to discuss a legacy gift, please contact Michael Meyers,

This year we have an additional donation option: to become a sponsor of The Many Sides of Pride Film Festival, described above. Here is a link to the sponsorship package for the festival.

We are very excited about the community building opportunity of the film festival, both within our LGBTQ community and in the broader Jacksonville community. Please mark your calendars with the dates, June 3 – 6. We would love to have your involvement in the effort. *Note that sponsorship funds will be split between the LGBTQ Fund and MOCA.
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