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One of our core goals is to promote and stimulate philanthropy in Northeast Florida. That’s why we created the Donors Forum more than 20 years ago – to foster discussion and idea-sharing among all the grantmakers in Northeast Florida. To date, hundreds of individual philanthropists, corporate donors and foundation leaders have joined the conversation.

The Forum is comprised of representatives of private, corporate, independent and family foundations in Northeast Florida. Members meet quarterly to learn about regional programs of philanthropic interest, discuss issues of mutual concern, and learn about collaborative opportunities.

Affordable Housing
Panelists: (left to right) Dr. Irvin PeDro Cohen, Shannon Nazworth, Paul Tutwiler, Bill Lazar

 Our latest Donors Forum highlighted issues with Affordable Housing in Northeast Florida. Senior Program Director James Coggin provided a strong background for attendees, and leaders of the major organizations that wrestle with this issue were part of a lively panel. To watch the full recording, click here, or read a brief recap here.




The Donors Forum of Northeast Florida works to promote and strengthen philanthropy in our region by inspiring individual philanthropists, donors and foundations to:

  • Share their knowledge about philanthropy and community issues;
  • Explore the dimensions of ethical grantmaking;
  • Be a voice for philanthropy in the region.

Areas of focus for The Donors Forum include supporting the professional growth of grantmakers and their work in our region, growing philanthropy in Northeast Florida, and supporting philanthropic responses to critical issues.

The Donors Forum welcomes individuals representing private, corporate, independent and family foundations in Northeast Florida as well as fundholders of The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida.

The Donors Forum knows our community’s needs and supports our giving endeavors. I would encourage others to join the Donors Forum because it is a great group of givers.

- Lisa Ullmann, Fanny Landwirth Foundation -


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