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Ottenstroer Family and Fellowship Recipients
For more than a decade, teachers at The Bolles School have had extraordinary learning opportunities for professional growth, thanks to the Ottenstroer family — Duane and Sue, and their daughters Christine and Wendy — who created the Ottenstroer Fellowships in 2001. Pictured here are some of the fortunate recipients with the Ottenstroers at a celebratory reception.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Commit to Give – create a charitable fund, include a gift in your will or structure a trust arrangement
  2. Choose a type of fund – recommend individual grants, support specific causes, or give broadly
  3. Decide What and When to Give – explore which assets will maximize your giving

You can support what is important to YOU! A personalized fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida gives you flexibility with your philanthropy. You can be as active as you wish and support the issues and organizations that matter most to you.

  • Gifts from your fund will be made in your name or the name you choose for your fund. Your gift can also be anonymous.
  • You will receive immediate tax benefits, even if gifts from your fund occur over time.
  • Your assets will grow through investment, allowing your giving capacity to increase. When your fund balance reaches $100,000, you may choose additional investment options depending on your grantmaking time horizon and asset size.
  • You can endow your fund as a legacy in perpetuity.

We have a wide variety of fund types from which to choose – each one with unique attributes that can be matched to your charitable giving goals. You also have maximum flexibility in when to give in order to establish your fund at The Community Foundation.

If you choose to GIVE NOW, you transfer cash or other assets to The Community Foundation and receive an immediate tax advantage. See all the opportunities to make an outright gift now.

If you choose to GIVE LATER, you give through your estate in ways that first provide income for you or others before benefiting charitable recipients. Some options even result in current tax savings.


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