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  • NE Florida Community Survey: In the fall of 2017, the LGBTQ Community Fund, with support from an advisory board of community members, sponsored the Jacksonville-Area Community Assessment Project, a survey conducted by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law to help the Fund learn more about the local LGBTI community. The results were released to the public in June, 2018.  Read the full report here
  • Local Findings: Through the generosity of a local donor, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida commissioned community research into four potential areas of investment: services for LGBTQ elders, workplace supports, services for children and youth, and faith community resources. The findings provided valuable information about the current environment and informed the future grantmaking of the LGBTQ Community Fund.
    Exploratory Committee Report
  • Elders: Innovative work is being done in the community to educate providers about the needs of LGBTQ elders and there are significant opportunities (and need) to expand that work. A strong potential partner is ElderSource, and an emerging potential partner is Baptist Health.
    LGBT/Elders in NE Florida Report
  • Workplace: Each workplace and employer is different, with the main common ground being the laws that govern employment practices. The primary opportunity to impact workplace conditions is to change the Human Rights Ordinance and provide a legal framework to address workplace issues. The committee, however, felt this issue was more appropriately addressed through other community ventures.
    LGBT/Employment and Workplace Resources in NE Florida Report
  • Youth & Families: An array of needs exists in three spheres: school life, health, and home and family. JASMYN is active in all three, and is a strong potential partner, as is Duval County Public Schools.
    LGBT/Services for Youth & Families in NE Florida Report
  • Communities of Faith: These are highly fragmented communities, and beliefs and attitudes about LGBTQ individuals are widely divergent. About two dozen local congregations are welcoming and affirming, but collaboration among them is not evident. Any investment would be at the individual congregation, rather than the community, level.
    LGBT/Communities of Faith in NE Florida Report
  • Jacksonville's LGBTQ History: The LGBT community was affected by many events over the years. The Community Foundation commissioned a project to detail many of the positive and negative milestones that impacted the LGBT community up until the time the LGBT exploratory committee was formed. Timeline through 2011

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