LGBT Community Fund
for Northeast Florida

LGBT Steering Committee
2016-2017 Steering Committee
Back Row: Jim Gilmore, Jeff Chartrand, Tricia Russell, Glenn Miller, Carl Utter
Middle Row: Kevin Gay, Joseph Barton, Carrie King, Nina Waters, Chad Labenz
Front Row: Nyah Vanterpool, Barbara Drake, Michael Meyers
Not Pictured: Jodie Leach, Dan Morgann

In 2011, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida was asked to convene a group to learn more about our LGBT neighbors and colleagues, the challenges they face and the ways in which philanthropy might make a difference. The Foundation, with generous funding from the Jeff Chartrand Advised Fund, convened an Exploration Committee which spent nine months learning about the local LGBT community and the laws, policies and practices that affect it.

The committee recommended that The Community Foundation support efforts to identify and cultivate donors with the potential to support an LGBT fund, and assemble a steering committee to articulate the mission and focus of the fund. This recommendation was the genesis of the LGBT Community Fund.

The LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida is a giving circle--a group of philanthropically-minded individuals who pool their charitable gifts in order to have a greater impact on the community. Created in 2014, the Fund focuses on philanthropy that will enhance the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Northeast Florida. The Fund is part of the family of funds at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida.

Anyone can contribute to the LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida. While there is no minimum gift requirement, only those donors who make annual gifts of $2,500 or more per person are eligible to participate in the grantmaking process. The LGBT Community Fund has awarded more than $315,000 since it began making grants in 2014—including substantial grants to organizations representing LGBT Youth, LGBT elders and LGBT on-campus services—which were areas identified by research as significant opportunities for assistance.

To learn more about the LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida, download our brochure, or go to for a full listing of research, members of the steering committee, grants, etc.

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