Putnam County

Putnam County
Putnam Academy of Arts & Sciences received $10,000 from the Frank V. Oliver, Jr. Endowment for Putnam County to help the school add agriculture to their curriculum. ‘Going Green in ‘17’ was a such a success that agricultural education was the most popular elective on campus.

One visionary donor opened the door for residents of Putnam County to reap the benefits of a life well-lived.  Frank V. Oliver, Jr. created an endowment at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida specifically to improve the lives of Putnam County residents, and established six other funds for Putnam County nonprofit organizations as a way to continue his charitable giving after his death.

Mr. Oliver was a Putnam County businessman who for decades engaged in quiet philanthropy in his hometown of Palatka. He was born in Jacksonville but called Palatka home for 78 of his 80 years. He headed multiple businesses operating along the St Johns River. He was an avid Gator fan and he loved supporting his favorite charities. His legacy of giving continues through The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. Grants funding has focused on providing creative and efficient services to veterans, students striving for a better education, and residents who are food insecure.

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