Women’s Giving Alliance

Women's Giving Alliance Meeting
Hundreds of women attended WGA's Annual Meeting where leaders announced that latest round of grants totaled $473,000 in support of women and girls.

The Women’s Giving Alliance is a collective giving initiative designed to help embed philanthropy into the lives of women in Northeast Florida. Launched by The Community Foundation in 2001, the founding women were passionate in their belief that they could direct their giving in a way that would make a difference for women and girls in our area.

The Women’s Giving Alliance is a giving circle, where members contribute individually but make grants collectively. Each member represents a link in an ever-growing chain that enables Women’s Giving Alliance to achieve far more together than its members could accomplish on their own.

Their mission is to inspire the women of Northeast Florida to be strategic philanthropists and to improve the lives of women and girls through collective giving, and they are guided by the following principles:

  • Reach out and welcome all women who wish to join.
  • Build relationships among women united in their desire to improve the lives of women and girls.
  • Develop a membership of educated philanthropists who understand community needs and become informed, pioneering grantmakers.
  • Collaborate with funding partners and community organizations to empower women and girls.
  • Conduct our grantmaking with integrity, fiscal responsibility and respect for our grant recipients.

Each member of the Women’s Giving Alliance contributes $1,500 annually. This investment allows members to participate in two forms of philanthropy—collective grantmaking and endowment building. Since its inception, members of the Women’s Giving Alliance have made more than $4 million in grants and built an endowment of more than $2 million.

Read the WGA 2015 Annual Report


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