Weaver Philanthropic Initiative

WPI Class of 2019
Weaver Philanthropic Initiative Class of 2019. Back row left to right: Kendall Sisisky Valliere, Michael Schmidt, Ashley Stein Wotiz, Matthew Wotiz, Autumn Combs, Mandy Hudson, Ashton Hudson, John Baker. Front row left to right: Courtney McGehee, Marion Lane, Willie Lane, Susan Kelly, Ragu Murthy, Priyanka Murthy.

What will our community need from the philanthropic community tomorrow? Who will help guide the course? The next generation of donors is on our doorstep, and The Community Foundation welcomes them. Since 1999, The Community Foundation has encouraged those to whom much has been given, so that they can most effectively give in return.

Weaver Philanthropic InitiativeNurturing emerging philanthropists is the goal of The Weaver Philanthropic Initiative, which periodically identifies and launches a class of potential donors, guiding them through a months-long education process, complete with an opportunity to experience hands-on grantmaking. Along the way, they learn about the critical issues and abundant opportunities that exist in our community.

These potential donors emerge with a strong understanding of their own leadership style, as well as an enlightened look at the grantmaking opportunities in our area. Graduates of these classes are already adding their unique philanthropic imprint to our community. How?

  • 41 Philanthropic Initiative graduates are actively grantmaking through funds at The Community Foundation
  • 5 Philanthropic Initiative graduates serve/have served as trustees of The Community Foundation
  • Others are providing stewardship in the community in a multitude of ways



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