Start The Conversation

“Are there any charitable causes or needs you would like to address?"

With that one simple question, you can open the door to a full conversation about some of your client’s most important thoughts about making their mark today and molding their legacy for tomorrow.

Who might be a candidate for The Conversation? Clients who…

  • Care deeply about their local community
  • Give to one or more charitable cause or organization
  • Are interested in creating a personal or family legacy in our community
  • May be considering the creation of a private or family foundation
  • Have expressed concern about the administrative complexity or expense of a private foundation
  • Want to stay personally involved in deciding how the charitable dollars are used
  • Wish to receive maximum tax advantage for their donation
  • Place a priority on sound financial management of their donations

When is The Conversation most meaningful?

  • When year-end tax planning identifies a need for greater tax deductions
  • When estate planning identifies the possibility of significant estate taxes
  • Your client is interested in setting up a private charitable foundation, or has a private foundation but seeks simpler management
  • Your client is passionate about helping meet a specific community need and is ready to make a significant gift
  • Your client wants to establish a scholarship for a special interest, but doesn't know how to begin
  • Your client owns highly appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired
  • Your client has most of his/her assets tied up in a closely held company and would like to give a gift of stock or business interests
  • Your client has a substantial IRA and/or 401(k) asset within his/her estate

How can I deepen The Conversation to more fully understand my client’s charitable motivations? Try asking:

  • What has been the most satisfying charitable gift you have ever made? Why?
  • Have you volunteered anywhere? Which volunteer experience has been the most rewarding?
  • Of your core values, which would you like to express through your giving?
  • When you think of the challenges facing our community, what are your greatest concerns? Are any of these the focus of your current or future giving?
  • What have you learned about your giving? Would you do anything differently if you could?
  • What role has philanthropy played in your family? Is it what you would like it to be... or would you like to change it? Are your children and grandchildren aware of your philanthropy?
  • What would you like to accomplish with your giving?

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