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Strengthening nonprofits through grantmaking and other services is critical to our mission of building a better community. In partnership with our donors, we have distributed approximately $600 million in grants across a broad range of programs since our founding in 1964.

The Community Foundation adminsters several competitive grant programs to which organizations may apply. To see the Categories for application, click here

Other grants are made through donor advised funds, grants by invitation, agency endowments and planned giving. Please be aware that organizations may not apply for these opportunities. 

Competitive Grantmaking--How To Apply

The Community Foundation conducts competitive, local grantmaking on behalf of certain donors who have directed our Program Staff to oversee the process. Primarily, competitive grantmaking occurs in these areas: Aging Adults, Beaches, Early Childhood, LGBTQ, Partnership for Mental Health, Putnam County, Art Ventures (Individual Artists and Small Arts organizations), Visual Art in St. Augustine, and Women & Girls. These are the only grants for which applications are accepted. Click on How to Apply below for eligibility and grant specifics.


How To Apply


Grants from Donor Advised Funds

Connectable Jax
Delores Barr Weaver used her Donor Advised Fund for a public awareness campaign highlighting people with intellectual or developmental differences. 

Each year, tens of millions of dollars are granted through The Community Foundation. Ninety percent of those grants are specifically recommended by generous donors through their Donor Advised Funds, according to their particular charitable interests. The majority of our donors research and determine their own areas of giving. If a donor requests staff to conduct additional research, we will take the opportunity to draw upon extensive internal resources and also reach out to learn more about current initiatives and endeavors.

Donor advised funds do not accept applications. 

Current Investments

Hope and History Mural Grant
Hope and History Mural grant to the Historic Eastside Coalition

 We also negotiate directly with nonprofit organizations for grants that impact the region. This work includes Supporting Neighborhoods, Nonprofit Capacity Building, Hunger, Disaster Relief and more. 

TCF does not accept unsolicited proposals for initiative grants.


 Agency Endowments

Barnabas Food Pantry Volunteers
The Agency Endowment at Barnabas Center in Nassau County  will continue to support the nonprofit for as long as it exists.

Support for a nonprofit in perpetuity can be established by creating a permanent endowment. The Community Foundation can set one up on behalf of the agency itself, or we can create a designated endowment on behalf of a donor to directly support an organization as long as it exists. In both cases, the nonprofit organization benefits from an annual grant but is relieved of the management and record-keeping burdens of an endowment fund.

For more information, click here.

Planned Giving

If a nonprofit organization is approached by a donor regarding a bequest or estate opportunity, The Community Foundation stands ready to assist the organization in receiving assets. We are equipped to handle a wide range of assets, and have a number of structured options from which to choose.

Our role as one of North Florida’s leading grantmakers depends on thoughtful grantmaking practices, which we use to create a comprehensive annual grantmaking plan that reflects our region’s needs and opportunities. We strive to support both our donors and our nonprofit partners as we all work together to build a better community.

- Martha Frye Baker, Chair, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida and Former Chair, Program and Initiatives Committee 

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