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Terrance Patterson
Terrance Patterson was the inaugural winner of the Ann McDonald Baker Art Ventures Award. The award will be presented annually to an artist who articulates an artistic vision and radiance in a medium or discipline which brings distinction to Northeast Florida. Terrance is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Ritz Chamber Players.

Since our founding in 1964, we have distributed nearly $410 million in grants across a broad range of programs, services, and opportunities.  Our investment in hundreds of nonprofits in our area strengthens Northeast Florida and underscores our mission to build a better community.

As one of the leading grantmakers in Northeast Florida, we award millions of dollars in grants annually to organizations that strengthen our community.  We do not make grants to individuals, with the exception of individual artists.  We offer these grants in several distinctive ways:

Competitive Grants

These are the only grants for which we accept applications. If you are interested in applying for grants from The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, your organization must do work involving: Early Childhood (0-6 years), The Arts, or Putnam County. Individual artists are eligible to apply for a grant under our Art Ventures program.  For more information, please select:

Current Initiatives

We negotiate directly with nonprofit organizations for grants that impact the region . Our work includes Strengthening Neighborhoods, Nonprofit Capacity Building, Aging Adults, and our largest initiative - Public Education Reform.  TCF does not accept unsolicited proposals for initiative grants.

Donor Advised and Designated Funds

Nearly 85% of our grants are recommended by donors through their Donor Advised Funds. Donors may recommend grants to nonprofit organizations, according to their charitable interests. Donors with strong ties to a particular organization often establish a designated organizational endowment fund for its benefit.  Neither donor advised nor organizational endowment funds accept applications, as their grants are donor directed.

More Information About Grants Awarded in 2016:

Through thoughtful grantmaking practices, The Community Foundation helps shape a broad vision for our region, with tactics that address systemic change while at the same time helping individuals live better lives.

- Martha Frye Baker, Trustee, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida and Chair, Program and Initiatives Committee 

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