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Board of Trustees Discussing Civic Leadership
Former Board of Trustees Chairman Bob Shircliff leads a conversation about moving philanthropy forward. Seated, left to right: Trustees Dan Rice, Cindy Edelman, Shircliff, and noted author and guest Claire Gaudiani.

Being a trusted destination for donors’ charitable dollars is just the beginning of our work at The Community Foundation. We also use our expertise, research and connections to help address critical local issues. Through the vision of donors who understand that we can be bolder when we focus resources on specific areas, we fund Community Initiatives designed to improve life in Northeast Florida.

Community Initiatives are programs of work focused on a particular issue for an extended period of time. We are able to align stakeholders and/or interested parties, provide direct investment through grantmaking and sponsorship of research or administrative needs, and engage appropriate resources toward advocacy as needed.

Visionary in nature, Community Initiatives are overseen by the Board of Trustees and administered by staff of The Community Foundation with the intent to initiate systemic change or institutionalization of a process. Once the initiative becomes fully functional, the need for Community Foundation staffing is minimized. Our current Community Initiatives include:

  • Public Education Reform – a 10 year initiative designed to positively impact public education in Duval County, with a particular focus on closing the achievement gaps.
  • Neighborhoods - The Community Foundation has made a multi-year commitment to strengthen neighborhoods through a grant to LISC (Local Initiatives to Support Corporation) in Jacksonville.
  • Non-profit Capacity -- to build the capacity of non-profit organizations through a grant to the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, Inc.

“…Giving money away thoughtfully is hard work, but if you do the due diligence and you have passion and compassion, you can be a philanthropist at any level.”

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