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We’re glad that you’re interested in The Community Foundation. We’re a phone call or email away, but you may find the answers to your questions below.

  • Do you give grants to individuals?
    Only individual artists through competitive grants for The Arts, and a limited number of academic scholarships are available with very specific criteria.
  • Do you need to know someone to get a grant?
    No. Grants are awarded by merit if there is a fund which is a match for the category and purpose of the proposed project.
  • Can we meet before I submit my grant application to tell you about our organization/my project?
    Perhaps. Most often a phone call is enough to determine eligibility and answer your questions. If we think a meeting is necessary, we'll reach out to set one up.
  • Why can’t I get general operating or capital support?
    There are thousands of nonprofits in the region that could use operating and capital grants. Project grants allow us to identify those that advance the goals our board has set for each grantmaking program.
  • Will you contact donors on our behalf?
    No. We regularly invite nonprofit organizations to make short presentations at Community Meetings in order to educate staff on organizations which may be of interest to donors. However, we do not directly reach out to donors for potential grantees.
  • May we contact donors?
    We do not make our donors’ names and addresses available. Our Annual Report lists all of the discretionary grants that we make in a given year. It is distributed to a broad community of donors, grantees, elected officials, and others. We encourage donors to call us for information about nonprofit organizations serving specific needs in our region.
  • May we apply for a grant from a specific fund?
    Generally, no. We have several funds, however, that use a competitive process for grantmaking: Aging Adults, Early Childhood and The Arts.
  • How much money should we ask for?
    The range for requests for competitive grants is listed in each section. Often, a grant from TCF cannot fully support a project. As part of your proposal, we will want to know how you plan to identify other funds.
  • Do your grants change from year to year?
    Yes. The web site has the most current opportunities available in any given year.
  • If we have been turned down for a grant, may we apply again next year?
    Yes. Each proposal is considered on its own merits; however, be sure that your proposal is considered eligible under the guidelines before re-submitting.
  • When can we expect to hear if we’ve gotten a grant?
    This varies by application so please see the timeline for each competitive grant (Aging Adults, Early Childhood, The Arts).
  • How should we send our proposal?
    This varies by application so please see the guidelines for each competitive grant (Aging Adults, Early Childhood, The Arts).

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